Mischief. Mayhem. Wax.

Go check out First try Fridays over at the berrics. And buy my wax.


Rest Stop

Made an extra stop at the border on the way back from Cali with Brandon, just got this photo from him. Blowin' it.



I drove up to L.A. to drop some wax off at the Berrics with my good friend Brandon.  On the way we saw this weird rainbow cloud... Never seen anything like it before...

I made a bunch of wax for Cowtown Skateboards and they are in shops now so check them out!  Plenty of colors and scents available!

Got a check in the mail from the Berrics... kind of exciting.


Graduation and other stuff

Been making wax for The Berrics... Not an easy job, let me tell you.  Each bar carved by hand, sometimes I miss.  Blowin' it.

Me and Ryan at graduation, waiting for President Obama.

Alice.  Later school.

Blowin' it on the picture.

Graduation blunt from Tyler.  Thanks Tyler.

Brandon "leaned on my sink" while in my bathroom with a girl.  Seriously blowin' it.



Check out Skate or Dice! over at The Berrics for a preview of stuff to come!


90's Party

Found this photo from the other night.  A whole gang cruizin' to the 90's party in full gear.