L.A.ter Blythe.

The first incident of blowing was successfully pulled off by fellow blown member Thad Croskey.  As you can see in this photo, Thad is wearing two different socks.  Blowin' it.

On the way we saw this semi truck that was hauling apples that was BLLOOOOWN up on the side of the road...  Hate to say it because it doesn't look like they survived but blowin' it...

I Fuuuuuuuucked a Meerrrrrmaid!

Poseidon loooook at meeeeeeee!

Garmin BLOWIN' it.

Later Berrics.
Later Thad.  Have fun in Thailand, hopefully you don't blow it.

The lonely drive home...

...But it is ok, I left prepared!

Also, Blythe was on fire.  Blowin' it!

Later Blythe.

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